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Working at a head shop, we are starting to get a lot of calls that sound like this:

"I was just wondering… are you guys having any special ~Easter~ sales? HEHEHEHEHEHE!"

No, but we are having a 4/20 raffle. Goodbye.

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I have to give a thirty minute presentation tomorrow at 9:30 AM and it’s 1:42 AM right now and I only have two slides thoroughly completed after already pulling an all-nighter last night to complete an 8-page paper.

I also have to prepare for a debate tomorrow.

Times like these… I really fucking hate college.

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How to be a Reverse Racist

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Most girls are relentlessly told that we will be treated how we demand to be treated. If we want respect, we must respect ourselves.

This does three things. Firstly, it gets men off the hook for being held accountable for how they treat women. And secondly, it makes women feel that the mistreatment and sometimes outright violence they face due to their gender is primarily their fault. And thirdly, it positions women to be unable to speak out against sexism because we are made to believe any sexism we experience would not have happened if we had done something differently.

I cannot demand a man to respect me. No more than I can demand that anybody do anything. I can ask men to be nice to me. But chances are if I even have to ask he does not care to be nice. I can express displeasure when I’m not being respected. But that doesn’t solve the issue that I was disrespected in the first place.

I can choose to not deal with a man once he proves to be disrespectful and/or sexist. But even that does not solve the initial problem of the fact that I had to experience being disrespected in the first place.

As a young girl, I wish that instead of being told that I needed to demand respect from men that I had been told that when I am not respected by men that it’s his fault and not mine. But that would require that we quit having numerous arbitrary standards for what it means to be a “respectable” woman. It would mean that I am not judged as deserving violence based on how I speak, what I wear, what I do, and who I am.


excerpt from “FYI, I Cannot “Demand” Respect From Men so Stop Telling Me That!" @ One Black Girl. Many Words.  (via fajazo)

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How to grow an avocado tree from a pit! cute illustration found on First Pancake Studio


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i hate to announce that i am falling completely into the sims 3 once again

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Toasts with the most: 21 awesome energy-boosting breakfast ideas




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